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Hiya all! Im a regular Malaysian chinese girl who loves writing and telling you all about my exciting adventures and experiences. Very open minded, daring, sexy and hot!(depending on my mood..haha).Anyhow,hope you drop by, let me have your comments or thoughts, and most of all...ENJOY!

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Uncle T- the hamsap photographer

I've suddenly the urge to write again.. There were so many adventures since I last updated.. Well, as promised I'll recap these adventures and share the best ones with you all ok? This one happened few years ago, when I was 19, still a fresh and naive girl trying her hand freelancing as a model. Why I did it? A) the money is good.. U get paid by the photographers per hour and depending on the theme/ requirements to pose B) I had friends who did it and recommended I try C) no way my parents would allow me to pursue modeling full time/ commercially. So this kinda part time freelancing thing allows me to do it quietly and pursue a hobby and personal passion to b photographed D) hey, you're only young and pretty once right? Give me a break lol One of my first assignments was with this photographer called Uncle T (you know who you are, uncle) - he's quite famous among the hobbyist freelance photographers and frequently participates in shoots organized by others. He's known in the circle as "Uncle Txxxx", but of course he shall remain anonymous here so let's just call him Uncle T. He met me during one group shoot, and needless to say, was pretty keen on knowing me better. I know by now, some photogs are pretty tiko type, but hey I was still very young and abit naive. So Uncle T started msging me ever so often, asking this n that and keep asking me to shoot with him. He wanted sexy lingerie + implied nude theme. I was abit reluctant coz my first time doing such risqué shoot. I was curious to try, tho, also wanted the shots for my personal portfolio. Finally, after few weeks persuasion and promise of quite a good fee, I agreed. Was thinking, although I hardly know him well, how risky can it be? He seems like a nice older man, should be harmless coz like a grandpa (he's much2 older than me- around 60s)- Boy was I wrong! He'd convinced me showing me many other sexy and revealing photos he took of other young models and I trusted him, moreover he seems experienced and claimed he could train younger models on posing. So the day came, it was a day I didn't have classes. Uncle T was always free, guess he's retired or something. I brought 2 sexy outfits, as requested- 1 semi transparent short cream color babydoll lingerie, black push up bra and panties. The rest of outfits he said he will bring. I woke up at 8am, spent an hour doing my hair up then threw on a green color one piece dress. My outfits were so tiny they fit into my handbag. Brought my makeup bag too. Met him at the hotel lobby at 1030am. He was already there, ask me to join him for breakfast. We spoke about the shoot, he was really quite nice to me and kept reassuring me not to be nervous. said he's done tones of 1-1 shoots. After awhile we headed up to the room he booked. Wasn't a big room but was ok. He said he wanted to start with Cosplay theme and brought a really cute Japanese skool uniform set for me. I was delighted, went in the bathroom to change. Wow, the skirt is quite short indeed, coz I'm tall. Really shows off my legs. Then I went to the dressing table and started makeup. Uncle T wanted hot spicy looking skool gerl so I made sure I used eyeliner and powdered my cheeks red. He was setting up his equipment. Then, we start shooting at 12. Although new, I did know how to do many poses and Uncle T was pleased. He kept saying I'm beautiful, spicy. I just smiled. Few times he'd come over and help me correct my pose. In doing so he did touch my hands, waist, thigh.. I didn't mind coz seems quite professional. Then came break time. I wanted to check out my shots, uncle was reluctant but yielded. "Oh no, pls delete these..." I begged him realizing there's a few where my panties showed under the short dark blue skirt. I had light pink color underwear and it's abit obvious under the navy blue skirt. He assured me later he will edit all the frames. 2nd session, he asked me to be daring abit, sit open legs abit and kneel down on the bed. I said I will zaogeng but he said don't worry, he will keep it tasteful and edit if needed. I need to trust him and stop complaining! He took quite a number of sexy shots like that, aiya, abit embarrass to show my underwear but he said its natural for cosplay, which is true. Then come the sexy lingerie time. I changed into the 2 stuffs I brought. Wow, looks nice. But abit paiseh coz so revealing. I came out of toilet, and instantly he keep staring at me.. His eyes looking up and down, I guess he really likes what he sees. "Waahh.. Great body, so slim, this outfit shows off your legs, so long and smooth.." He remarked. Did u have breast surgery? WHHaAAt!? I called out in surprise. Of coz not la, uncle! Why u ask? He pointed at my breasts which was quite obviously standing up. Damn, my tight push up bra really works wonders. I already have rounded shaped boobs, this really enhanced and make them look too good to be true. Nola, uncle! My push up bra lar! I squealed. Hahaha, big laughter by him to my protest. Then, we start. I was feeling cold so I ask him to off aircon. Halfway through, he came close and helped change my pose. Wow, pretty girl, your hands are so cold! Uncle remarked. I was actually feeling quite nervous, posing in my lingerie first time with this photog. He said Nevermind, I'll help u to calm down but must trust me. After awhile, he told me to take off the babydoll and left only my bra+ panty. Then he say he wanted a slight oily effect. He took out some baby oil and began rubbing my feet. "It's ok uncle, I can do myself, I instantly said. He just told me to trust him, don't get my hands all oily and he does this regularly for his models. So I just shuddup and let him continue lor. His hands keep on going higher on my thigh, feel bit ticklish but nice and warm. My skin feel cold against his warm hands. Then he said wanna rub abit on my cleavage.. I said I can do myself, again he said don't worry. Within seconds, he was feeling up my cleavage rubbing some baby oil there. "Wow, gerl, u are right. Not fake, feels real but hard coz of the bra. I really like ur push up bra. It really push ur boobies up to the max".. I blushed. His fingers lightly grazed my nipple which was quite high up coz of the bra. It feel like electric shock run thru my body. Seemed accidental.. He just smiled. Then he said to me now come implied part. Ask me to take off my bra and use my hands to cup my boobs while posing. I was again apprehensive.. Said I think it's too sexy. Uncle T keep on convincing me, finally said he will give me more $$ since I'm so pretty. I Duno what got into me, just trust him lor. So I start, unhook my bra and pose with my hands covering my puppies. The photos won't shows me topless, but he can see, in between shots coz obviously I can't keep my hands up there all the time. "Waaa love your nipples, sweetie.. So small and still pink!" One of the many cheeky remarks he made. I just learnt to ignore, but feeling a mix of embarrassment, yet high and beautiful coz he knew how to praise me a lot. Then I was lying on bed, he came to take some close ups. He was bending over me, very close while snapping. He ask me to relax, I was having trouble to obviously, then he said let him put abit more oil. He was rubbing my belly, then suddenly, his hand went into my panty! Oh no! I was shocked, much too shocked to react. "Mmm u no hair.. Good.. Let me oil up this part abit coz later will lower down your panty". I was super duper blushing like a tomato now, yes, I didn't have much hair. My pubic place only started growing abit of hair when I was in secondary 5. Uncle T now had one hand in, and it quickly found my clit! Omg! He rubbed it and teased it, it felt like Fire down there! I came to my senses, and use my hand to stop his naughty hands invasion. He scolded me and ask me to trust him. He need to make me feel relaxed and he won't do anything unprofessional. I was feeling mixed.. Like stupid plus outraged. Is it normal to let him touch my pussy? I don't think so but it did feel so good! "Girl girl.. You wet already.. " this remark really made me blush more. Indeed I was feeling warm down there during the shoot. Now he touched my clit, it felt slippery and oily.. My body was reacting fast. "Uncle, please stop.." I pleaded..

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

My Bras

Ok, since Ive got some requests from fans here who wanna see some of my innerwear, here's some pics I took of them.
Haha, sorry..for now just pics of my intimate apparels. Dint wanna model them and give too much away ;)


This is one of my personal favorites. I just absolutely love bras with straps that hang around the nape of my neck. Its so sexy don't u think? And when u have the right top on, giving guys a peek at this at your neck area can be nice too especially when my hair is up in a ponytail/ bunned :)

Sweet and lovely pink bikini

The enchanting turquoise number. This shows so well under many of my sexy tops, and it also complements my fairer skin color

Sunday, September 27, 2009

My Journey home (with no undies)

Hi all, as promised, here's the continuation of my last post. Sorry, haven't been updating here often enough...been travelling and quite busy too :) though Im sure loyal followers will be pleased to know that I've still many many more adventures & experiences to share with you. Ok, cut the crap..back to my sharing..

As I walked to the lift of his condo, I realised my vulnerability under my clothes...I was totally bare! Had given him my bra and panties as sort of a 'parting' gift, so nothing under! Was wearing a lycra type body hugging top (light grey color) and denim miniskirt (denim blue) which wasn't too short (about 5-6 inches or so above my knees) although it was short enough to give anyone a good view of my legs. I had 2.5 inch heels on, which made a nice clicking sound on the ground as I walked. What was abit different that day was I had to clutch another handbag (the gift from Jim). I already had my own handbag in one hand, and here was another new prada ;) smiling to myself at the thought of me carrying two handbags at once. As I waited for the lift, realised then how good my chest nipples were free to brush against my lycra top. The soft and tight material of my top made my breasts and nipples feel good. A bra can feel abit uncomfortable on a hot day, but my breasts were free and this felt good. Although being pantiless in a denim mini wasn't as nice. My pussy was feeling abit tender, its soft lips brushing against the harder denim material didn't feel quite as nice, but heck, what to do now.

Lift came, door opened. Whew! no one there yet. I stepped in and pressed ground floor button. The lift had a nice reflective wall which means I could check myself out as though standing in front of a mirror. I could see my nipples jutting out abit against the grey top. Wasn't too obvious, slightly subtle although obvious enough if anyone looked there. My nipples weren't standing/ hard yet, so I decided it was fine, just hoped that it wouldn't stand out too much if they became harder. My top was tight enough for the shape of my breasts to show. Wow, that was sexy, I thought. My natural breast shape wasn't too bad even without a bra to make it rounder. My breasts already happen to be quite round. My top wasn't transparent, so its Ok, although it was thin enough for the nipples shape to be visible ;) notti me. Lift suddenly stops on 10th floor. Oh dear, someone's coming in. I take a deep breath hoping it wouldn't be a bunch of guys otherwise I'd be blushing with shame there. A mid-30s woman stepped in. She didn't really notice anything, stood in front of me while I shifted abit backwards. She was heading to the 3rd floor (I guessed must be carpark/ pool/ shop floor). Door opened on 3rd...I was was the floor with shops. She walked out and I decided to also go to the shop to get something to drink as I was thirsty. So I walked towards the convenience store of the condo. Wow..loved the airy feeling down there as my legs parted to walk, and my breasts were also feeling so free and unrestricted.

Oops, walked past a small cafe. 2 men sitting down outside having drinks and smokes immediately notice me coming. The one facing me notices me first, mutters something to his friend who quite quickly turns around for a look! Gosh, Im used to guys checking me out but not when I was braless (that was my first time in public without undies). Thought of shielding my breasts came to mind, but hey, how could I do that with the extra handbag to clutch, morover I didnt want to draw any extra attention to my chest area! So I just decided to walk by naturally as though nothing is different that day. I think at first, the 2 men just thought of checking me out (as they would any other girl) but when I walked past their table (which was just a few feet away), they must have noticed my braless chest because their eyes grew alot bigger and rounder! Oh Oh..what to do now...well, just walk on as though nothing is different. I just looked ahead while I knew they could see something from the corner of my eye. One of them had a surprised look on his face although he was smiling naughtilly. I knew, in daytime especially, being braless in this top would mean that my breasts and nipples would be noticeable, but not too obvious either.

Haha, well, just bear with it and walk on as though I didnt know anything. The two men weren't hot anyway, just middle aged uncles whom Im sure needed some entertainment that sunny afternoon. The convenience store was just 2 doors away. Not many people around that day, which in a way was good (not too much exposure) but also bad because with less people, the few around would stand out abit more and make people notice one another abit more. I went into the store (sorta like a mini 7-11) and headed straight for the freezers behind. Shopkeeper was an older indian man who saw me, but didn't notice anything else (Yet!). I opened the freezer and got out a small bottle of Evian. Wow, the cool air from freezer rushed out and hit me instantly. My sensitive nipples were getting slightly hard! Was a nice feeling, yet very brief. I turned around and walked to cashier to pay. Shopkeeper gave me a friendly smile. He was a rather fat, older Indian man mid 40s maybe sitting behind the counter. I smiled back. Put the Evian on the counter then my new prada next to it while I opened my own bag to get my purse and cash. Oh oh, thats when he noticed my chest. I could tell instantly because his eyes grew bigger and he was practically staring at my chest! I pretended not to notice him, which was hard as he was just right opposite me. I looked instead at the cigarettes behind him on display and figured I could use some smokes since I now discovered the pleasures of smoking. Asked him for a pack of Salem lights and a lighter. He got the pack for me in split seconds then reached down and brought out a box of lighters. He began recommending me some fancy looking ones. As he was showing me the lighters, his eyes never left my chest area. And he was flashing me a hamsap smile with a lecherous look on his face! Gawd, what am I doing, teasing this old uncle. My nipples were definitely hard now from the cold air moments ago, and even more so from the attention it was getting. And to think that he didn't know I was totally bare down there too! Gawd! if only he knew I wasn't even wearing panties, I think that would be mad! That thought also made me slightly turned on by the fact that my breasts were quite exposed to a stranger, and here I was standing there pantyless too. I selected one lighter and started digging my purse to pay.

The shopkeeper on the other hand, was clearly having a good show and it wasn't surprising to me that he was delaying my exit abit. He took his time counting the total, and when I handed him a RM50 note, took his time getting my change. Hmmmm..why am I not surprised. This happens when I dress this way. He was glancing ever so often and practically talking to my chest. What to do, my nips were quite visible from that close range obviously and there I was sticking my chest out showing them off. But I decided, uuurgh..I'd rather be showing them off to some hot guy, not an old Indian man. He didnt say anything about the display, although I could tell how pleasantly surprised and turned on he was just by that silly look on his face. He was polite though, and even asked if I was a staying at a unit there. I replied ' No, Im just visiting' . He he he, naughty fella...wonder what he'd ask next if I said yes, Im a resident here..ask for my unit number? I put the new pack of smokes into my new handbag and the lighter, and walked out of the shop. Could still feel his eyes following my every move from behind. Well, at least he can't tell Im not wearing panties ;) Ah, again past the two men sitting there. They were obviously ready and maybe even waiting for me to pass them again. This time, the both of them turned and looked so obviously. Not just necks / heads turning but whole body turned to look hahaha. They obviously already noticed my nips and wanted a good second look. I just ignored them, pretended to not notice and look ahead and head for the lift again to go home. I felt like quickening my pace a little, since all these middle aged men's attention was getting me abit nervous already, but couldn't walk much faster due to my heels. Ah, well, let them enjoy then..its just looking anyway..not that any of them gonna get their hands on me..i thought. So I walked slowly towards the lift and enjoyed the airy feeling again as the cool breeze blowing by caught my breasts and pussy area. My pussy was feeling better now, that whole pantyless experience itself was making it feel rather warm and slightly moist too! Oh my, I think I was also getting quite excited by the thrills of this rather public display. I love thrills!

Went down to ground floor. Door opened and face to face with a younger boy (maybe around 12-13 years old). Shorter than me. He looks up and immediately sees my boobs. Hehehe...and he notices my nipples I think, as his mouth falls open and his eyes are fixed there. I flash him a notti smile and walk past. He practically stops in his tracks and stares at me. Boy, i must look quite good too. I quietly giggle to myself..what a naughty girl Angie's been today. Giving middle aged men their afternoon 'entertainment' and here, corrupting the mind of a younger boy. Hey, actually not corrupting ler, I thought. Whats wrong with going about braless? Not that Im topless or exposing my boobs completely. Just not wearing a bra isn't indecent..its my given right as a woman to choose if I wear one or not. Morover, letting a young boy appreciate some boobs isn't bad. We should marvel and appreciate God's creation and gifts of nature. This gift to women basically fed him when he was a baby, so nothing dirty about all this...just returning to our basic nature and well, boys will be boys..marvelling at all the beauty and splendour around them especially when on display. Hehehe..sorry, Im rambling too much. Tend to be chatty/ talkative sometimes. I decide to get home before its too late and mum will be on my case. Hmmm..should I call my boyfriend? No!! not when Im dressed like to explain? Yet I need a lift home...cant call any of my friends either as how the hell can I explain my braless appearance. Oh well, stick to original plan then..get a cab, dont bother about rides from friends/ people who know me. I walked towards the condo guardhouse for assistance to get a cab...

Thursday, July 02, 2009

Is smoking sexy? Part 2..continuation..

There it was…haha with guys there’s always a catch. He explained that he really got off watching Asian chicks smoking, and wanted me to put on a small ‘visual show’ for him.
He explained that he was going back to London etc etc and would miss me a lot, so was begging for my co-operation. Basically it wasn’t that difficult. He wanted me to just smoke in a sensual manner. I was dressed in a denim miniskirt and tight lycra material tank top. Innerwear was cream colored bra and panty. So looked decent enough, though he wanted me to pose in an upskirt position, meaning push my skirt up and open my leg up a lil bit….something like a calvin klein undies model pose. Also he asked me to take off bra so that nipps would be slightly visible through my top. I didn’t have problem with that, in fact thought the whole thing was abit funny. I felt a little bit nervous but he kept reassuring and promising me he wouldn’t to further than the other day, so I agreed..well what the heck. Never done such strange things but hey, first time experience I guess J

Then he handed me a pack of Virginia Slims..menthol. Wow..very feminine..much better than the Benson I had the other day. And also gave me a very nice feminine slim lighter to light sticks with. So I sat on his sofa, posed as he directed, and took a cigie out and lighted it. Haha, tried posing and smoking bit sensually…trust me it isn’t easy first time. He was delighted and I could see from his expression he became very turned on! He took a chair, sat close by and began doing the same thing as the other day! It embarrassed me abit as such a grandfatherly figure was doing what he did, but I just tried to ignore it and pretend not to notice him too much. He was clearly having the time of his life…even told me the last time he met a chick as pretty as me willing to co-operate was years back, and that I was really his idea of an Asian ‘beauty’. Flattering words, so I just smiled sweetly while trying to maintain the sultry smoking pose.

After the first stick finished, I automatically reached for another. Wow! Thought to myself…this is quite nice. Am I actually beginning to really take in the pleasures of smoking and this might be addictive. Because I too, was enjoying myself, I guess I must’ve looked sexier so this really made him happy. He was playing hard and whacking the white banana off ever so seriously. I stared down at my legs…hmm..not bad..i thought to myself…and the upskirted effect certainly made it all tastefully erotic. My cream patch was quite visible, though not fully, but I didn’t get wett or anything…it was just comfortable but not mindblowing.

After 5 mins or so, he came. Not as much as the first time, but it fell on carpet. Luckilly nothing on me this time. When he was done cleaning up, he had another unusual request. Not that it’s the first time then it was asked of me, but unusual as I didn’t expect him to ask. He asked for my bra and pants as a souvenir. I was abit sad to part with them (they weren’t cheap stuff) but hey, since he was going away for months and missing me, I agreed. Took it off and handed both to him. Jim was a grateful puppy. He still insisted that I took the handbag and purse and cash in exchange. I refused the cash flatly. Thought it wasn’t right. I didn’t do any of it for money or gifts. More for the thrills, and also coz I thought he was really a nice and funny guy. Thought me quite a lot of things too through conversation. (Hey I was only 17 what do u expect). In the end, agreed to take the purse and handbag but gave him the cash. 1000 pounds is a neat, decent amount, but I don’t need cash.

Then after chatting and some drinks, was time to say good bye. He came close and kissed me on cheeks at first, then suddenly tongue in my mouth! Wow, that was unexpected. Seemed abit gross but he was gentle and kind. Didn’t feel me up too much..guess he was afraid I’d be too uncomfortable. I shut the door and began to leave. Insisted on getting myself back as I didn’t want mum to see me getting drop off by an older guy. Then suddenly I remembered…oh no…no innerwear. Boobs abit visible and worse still, bare underneath! I’d need to get a cab from him condo…walked down and thought…hmm..never tried being all bare inside…interesting adventure can follow! But that’s for another posting k?

Saturday, May 02, 2009

Is smoking sexy?

Hey peeps and readers,
Finally bacckk. Missed all of u especially my dearest loyal readers. Someone told me my blog has a small following in SG. Seems it was recommended or sumthing by some website. Wow, dint expect this. Can someone tell me which websites actually featured my blog? Was only writing coz I love to write n express myself in unconventional ways. I'm actually quite a daring gerl,so I do luv sharing with readers here about real life adventures. None of this is imaginery..there wouldn't be much point putting mere fantasies on paper. What gets me excited is trying things out in real life, taking some risks n living to tell u guys about it! ;) today I'm gonna touch on a sensitive topic: Smoking.

1. I know lots of u out there disapprove of smoking
2. More so when a female does it
3. Even more so when she's 17

So at the risk of offending sum people (I know some already flagged my blog as having inappropriate content) I'm gonna tell u my flirtation with cigies. This was when I was in secondary 4 (a few yrs back). Tell u the truth,I did think women who smoked looked sophisticated n sexy.I never had the guts that time to try it myself until I met this strange man while chatting online. I know I know..I should never be meeting strangers from the net. High risk and I really came close many times to real disaster or nearly getting molested\raped. But that's a different story k?tell some other time. This was when I was still shit naïve and into taking crazy risks with strange men fr the net :) I was chatting online often enough then after skool (maybe tats why my grades sucked). This older man was interesting n convinced me to meet him.

One day I went. Met him for a starbucks. I wore a front button shirt with elbow length sleeves, tiny shorts and nike womens casual shoes. Hair held up with a evita perroni stick..all to look bit more mature- this guy told me he was late 30s. Put abit more makeup..blusher,mascara eyeshadow for that sultry look. At starbucks, he came. Introduced himself to me..I was shocked. He looked 50 at least! Gwailo guy. But nevermind,kept my cool..dint fancy much meeting a granpa but sigh..too late. To my further surprise,he was really interesting n funny! Hmmm maybe there IS sumting attractive bout older men eh? ;) mostly,I felt he was more caring and knowledgeable than any guys I knew that time. His name was Jim. Jim was english, londoner expat in kl. Oh and another thing- he was late 50s..near 60. Confessed age and apologised. Not that it would matter much then! Jim smoked a lot of Bensons. Nearly chain smoker like my dad. That's how I gotten used to smoke so it dint bother me much. Offered me a stick..being adventurous I tried. He helped me light it up. My first stick was torture..coughed a lot and lungs on fire feeling. But he was patient,and it did make me feel more adult. He said I looked like 18-19, maybe due to my height..surprised I was only 17. What caught my attention was the way he looked at me..he was absolutely adoring and smitten. But when I smoked,there was a strange desire in his eyes! Unexplainable.
Spent afternoon walking around shopping centre with Jim. He was nice..caring like a grandad I never had. Yet,there was sum sexual tension and desire towards me I sensed. He kept checking out my legs and chest..complimented my long legs and told me chinese gerls are his favorite in the world. Needless to say I was abit swept off my feet already. A gerl that age (notti one too) was drawn into this adventure and risk. Also,u guys know how it is..somehow,when I'm out with younger guys or locals, people are nice but when I'm out with a white guy, everyone is just so much nicer! Waiters, salespersons all were artificially nice and polite..jes coz its a white guy. I know it suxx but its reality.

Jim became bit touchy feely after few hours. Held my hand and stole chances to rub against me or put his hand on my lap. I was between confused and excited. He seemed granfatherly yet there was more. He offered to send me home. In the car, I lit another one of his bensons. I liked the way I looked. He stared and then said he luvs the way I smoke. Loves the dainty long fingers holding the stick and how my slightly pouty lips blew the smoke. I found this bit strange but very sexy! Then sumting real perverted happened in the car. He watched me smoke,unzipped his pants and started stroking his u know what. His other hand was rubbing my thigh. In less than 3 minutes, Jim shot his load! Wow,there was quite a lot for an older man. It shot out quite strongly and high too. A drop landed on my thigh. It wasn't the first time I'd seen sperm, so wasn't grossed out but I was jes abit taken surprise by how quick whole thing went. He began apologising a lot..explained it was his 'thing' to see a young woman smoke sexilly. I wasn't upset,just thankful maybe that I didn't wear a skirt that day else his hands may have ventured right in! He begged to see me again. I agreed. Don't know why!

Risk taker in me mustve got abit bold than normal. I agreed to meet him at his apartment the next week. He was still all the time caring n funny n nice, except for that one lil pervie side. When I arrived at his place, was surprised. Very posh n expensive. own place was not bad but this was really 5star. He handed me a present. Asked me to open. To my surprise inside was a prada handbag. I knew this was at least $2000. In the bag was a fendi purse. And guess what? In the purse was £1000. Cash. Just like that. To b honest, I was bit surprised tho uncomfortable. I'm not here for any money. I have way enough. Blessed I guess to come fr a well to do family. I was already living in a large house with a honda jazz just given by dad as birthday gift. But he kept reassuring me that he only wanted to treat me like a daughter so well,I thanked him n tried giving it back but he persisted. He did want someting in return tho. There it be continued..

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Im back...with new beginnings!

First of all, thanks ya everyone for ur comments. Glad 2 know im bringing some joy to the world (to those who appreciate it) lols

Anyhow, hope u enjoyed my adventures thus far. Sorry for not updating this frequently, I do have many many s'exciting adventures, but sometimes jes a lil busy/ lazy to update. But trust that I will do it from time to time, write it all up here to share some of my naughty life bits with u. Y'all r always in my heart! experience..actually, this was some time ago. My younger bro is 18..jes finish secondary u can imagine...young guy with all that hormones (not to mention juices) raging like wildfire. Anyway, this isn't about him, but abt his frens / schoolmates. You see, their primary pasttime is like playing games - u name it..PSP, PS2, XBOX whatever. And bro has all of those with many games so my place is a convenient hangout joint for his frens. Usually theres 4-5 of them..all boys..all horni Haha.

I know i should b a good sister and not be playing with teen boys' minds, but hey, this is the 21st century, and why wouldn't I be feeling good if im noticed and somewhat desired by boys isnt it? After all, their benchmarks are pretty high...from beachvolleyball babes (online gaming) to models, race queens etc etc. So, after all, im at home, sometimes bored n looking for a thrill, why not jes be brave abit, show 'em abit n give 'em something to dream abt right?

It was afternoon..4 boys as usual playing PS2 glued to the big tv. I'd just finished typing up my assignment upstairs n wanted to go down to refill my water (lots H20 keeps the skin radiant!). Im wearing a tight baby tee (pink), dark blue bra (in my room after all). Hmm...what can i do to 'spice things up a little'? so i look in closet n pull out an MNG pleated miniskirt i bought awhile ago..white color. Nice...coz its so super short! I put it on, zipped the back, and realised I'd grown abit taller since then. Ah, no wonder I seldom wore this skirt..its abit too short n risk indecent exposure ler...anyway, decide to keep it on, after all, i cant be going downstairs just in baby t and thong, right. Tie my hair in a nice ponytail, n splash on abit of perfume for added effect. Apply some light pink lipgloss, and look myself in mirror. Voila! wow...didnt even need makeup and I looked hot already. My nips abit obvious since the baby tee was so tight, but tats the point, isnt it?

Walked down the volume blasting with the gaming in session. Immediately when I reach down, 4 heads turn (except bro lah of course). Smile n greet or two manage a shy 'Hi' and another one waves his hand abit. Flash them a seductive 'come f*ck me smile' and walk to kitchen. Hmm..looks like bro didnt notice i didnt have bra on..good! So, i get my water, walk back out. 4 heads turn again. This time, they notice my nips sticking out I think. I see eyes growing bit bigger! And this is giving me a slight adrenalin rush. my nips betray me, start sticking out! Negaraku! i happen to have rather long nips, oh no! i find myself trying hard to keep composure. They are now obviously checking me out, esp scanning the ample chest. I pretend to show interest in the game. Approach them n sit down on sofa. (they are all on floor). Cross my legs, sip my drink n make some small talk, commending them on their gaming. Haha, the boys are clearly distracted. Begin to play badly. I manage to uncross my legs in a natural way, pretending to forget crossing them. just sit there, short skirt riding way up, nips sticking out. One of them (named Collin) turns back n notices the way i sit. He's staring directly at my legs! omigod...theres a slight gap at the skirt which means he can see my dark blue triumph thong. I stay like tat for a few minutes, he pretends to be normal, but turns his head every half minute or so to see the nice show. After 5-6 turns, i decide enough, else too obvious. So i make direct eye contact with him, to 'signal' that i know he saw something, and promptly cross my legs. He got so embarrased and blushed. Turned back to tv n didnt dare look back. All this while, bro is fixated on game, doesnt have a clue whats happening.

After 9-10 mins, i get up, and walk to stairs. from corner of my eye, i can see all 4 checking me out, tho not so obviously. I walk up...halfway, pretend i receive sms, and stop there when im 3/4 up the stairs pretend to check my mobile phone. One of the boys, an indian guy did something which really surprised me.. he got up, said he's going to toilet. but, half way, i noticed, he slowed down n nearly stopped right under the stairs n looked up! Golden opportunity! I continue my steps up the stairs naturally, as tho i dont even know hes there. My house staircase, is open type, can look up n see the person on stairs if u stand at correct position below. While walking up, i notice my short skirt sashaying, following my hip movement, and at tat moment, i realise he was looking up, and could see a perfect up-skirt! omigod, wat a show it must be! I pretend not to notice him, so i cant really see his facial expression, but when i reached up, i noticed he was still not far from that spot. Hehe, naughty me! I go in my room, burst into laughter. Cant believe i jes did tat on purpose, while appearing so natural. Cant imagine what i must've done to their game, let alone minds. Guess there may be hard ons to deal with for them soon...and i'd be seeing alot more of them gathering around hoping to catch a glimpse of the sultry sister.

I realised this also was one of the first times i'd shown myself on purpose to people who knew me. Well done, thing's for sure...this is a new beginning to LOTS more adventures!

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Pizzaboy !

Let me start off with an adventure some time ago..i promise to tell all the good one by one k? patience... :-)

This one happened during a day home alone...last year, my parents were overseas alot (visiting my mum's family in Japan) so I got plenty of opportunities to get abit nauti being all alone at home. At times my cousin Keiko (a hot mama- something i know u nauti guys call a MILF) spends time over and shes kinda like a nice cousin-best friend-soul sister kinda girl :-)

Oh, yes..i didnt mention..she's spent most of her life in japan so u get the drift. VERY open minded sort of woman but has a Malaysian husband whom she separated with. Shes from my mum's side (mum is half japanese...dont ask me how many %..its complicated). A guy fren once told me im 75% chinese 25% ha...thats percentages for u then.

Anyway...back to the real adventure....It was sat morning coming to lunchtime. Didnt eat anything since fri nite (i skip dinner at times) and was a nite of heavy partying to woke up from bed with the sunlight shining on me through the window at 11am. Nice thinking...and quiet...and best of all alone! parents off for the day back only in evening coz they were attending some relatives function in another part of KL. So i climbed out of bed, feeling hungry (didnt eat since 5pm the day before)...and decided to shower first. Stripped off my panties and t shirt and stepped into the bathroom. Mmmm...long, nice shower. Thinking...what to eat. How about home too lazy to go out since its kinda hot and sunny out there. So i finish the shower, wrap a towel around me and loook thru my phone list...domino, pizza hut, mc donald..hmmm...decide on domino.

Call them up. Polite service. order up some food. I know ill prob eat 2 slices only but the rest for my younger bro n his friends if they drop by. then i towel myself dry....suddenly...very nauti thought comes to mind....Im alone! How about some fun!! hehehe....

My cousin did tell me some nauti tricks she been playing when alone at home, so i decide to try something new. delivery guy is a guy after all..lets try to give him a nice surpise! who knows, maybe good memories so next time i get a free meal :-))

I slip on a sexy white chemise. Its like a short nightie but very pretty. Thin straps, low cut in front and ends nearly at the top of my legs. Abit short, i know, but hmmm...then only got abit of extra 'kick' ma. Look at myself in the mirror...Oh no! too transparent. Cant just wear this without my innerwear. Its day time and a bright day, one look and can see my boobs n nipples jutting out and also my little patch down there. Though I love the look, but i prefer to tease abit, not show all ma...morover, am a lil worried too...coz im all alone n dont want to turn a guy into a wild animal, right?

So i decide on some innerwear. Choose a nice bright turqouise bra and panty set. (turqouise color is abit like green but not dull). Put on the bra and panty. The panty is really very tiny...but enough to cover the important parts :-) then wear my white chemise on top. Look again in the innerwear is quite visible and Im decent enough. Decide to let my hair down, coz its not long...slightly above shoulder length. My haircut style is sharp and symmetrical...abit like VJ denise, abit like Aeon Flux style. But slightly longer. I love nice sharp lines for my straight hairdo. Think to myself...light makeup will work best. Eyeshadow is a must, for that sultry look. So i put on turquoise eyeshadow (abit like those MAS stewardess eyeshadow color) and powder my cheeks lightly. No lipstick, just run my pink lipgloss over the lips for moisture and some light color. Hmmm...i look great, if i say so myself!! Look like a girl, home alone, wearing a comfortable chemise-nightie type slip since im home. Splash on abit of Paris Hilton fragrance for fresh scent...turn around n examine myself in the mirror...admire my long legs and body...Ding Dong! Wow...doorbell ring so fast! They really keep to their 20 minute rule man.

I go downstairs...doorbell ring again 2nd time..haiya! patience man...the wait is gonna be well worth it. Peek out the curtain see a man on motorbike. I press the autogate switch to open the door. Mr 'smarty pants' decides to leave his bike outside and walk in with the delivery...maybe he thinks this is a real quick stop. I open the front door. Flash him a nice, sweet smile. " fast..." I hear myself saying. The pizza boy is abit surprised of course! Its a late 20s, early 30s Malay guy, actually can hardly call him a boy since he's at least 5-10 years older than me. About my height, but very dark and tanned skin. Wears sunglasses. He so fast take off his sunglasses and quickly return my smile with a wide grin, and greeted me politely. "Good morning miss Angie...this is your dominos delivery..." he says with his voice slightly shaky...can read his slight surprise mixed with nervousness. He try to hand me everything at once. Im tickled..coz he obviously cant speak english too well, but as usual, if i start the conversation in english, most guys will try their very best to cope. I told him, to help me put in down on the table. I took a few steps back, and he stepped out of his shoes and inside to obey my request. Of course, all the while, he had a silly grin on his face, and his eyes were scanning up and down my body. Hmm...i normally dont like being scanned and stared at, but since this was abit of a 'show' and my lil nauti treat, i didnt mind. After all, i buy alot of nice, expensive and high quality innerwear...very good bras and panties which are so so pretty and nice, its a pity if i keep having to keep them hidden under clothing right? So the semi transparent chemise slip worked wonders :-))

He told me the amount i should pay, and I told him ill go get it. asked him to sit and wait on the sofa, but he politely stood. I walked up the stairs. His eyes of course, followed my every move. A mix of pleasant surprise, happiness and hamsap look. I got my purse and came down. Stood in front of him, starting digging for the right amount. Asked him to have a sit first. He obliged this time. I asked if he was in a hurry, he said No problem, Miss...takes your time (abit broken english) while still grinning abit. I asked if he'd like a cold drink since its so hot. He said, Ok. So i gave him the money, and 'accidently' dropped a coin on the floor. I quickly bend down right opposite him to pick it up. My slip opens up abit at the front, giving him a good visibility at my chest and turquoise bra. He of course is pleasantly surprised. Hand him the money and ask him what he want to drink. He says anything. I joke with him that I dont have water called Anything. So i walk to the kitchen area, open the fridge and ask him what he want. To my surprise, the mischievious guy this time follows me to the fridge and stands behind. I open the fridge door and ask what he want. 'Wah, peti sejuk besar' he says. He tells me a can of coke will do. I notice of the many drinks inside, the coke is right at the bottom, so i straigten and close my legs together, and bend down slightly to reach for it.

I know the effect this creates :-)) the bottom back part of my white slip of course, rides up and I know abit of my butt is now exposed to him. Of course, my butts wrapped in tiny panties so no indecent exposure. Just a lil peak at the sweet turqoiuse. Then i turn around, hand it to him. I hear a small gasp for breath from him...Hehe! The poor boy cant breathe normally!! He thanks me and I promptly walk out to show him the door. He of course walks slowly and unwillingly. Sad to go, maybe? I flash him a 'come f**k me smile' but say Ok, thank u very much and open the front door. He says, to my slight surprise, 'Wah..miss angie..ur house very nice..big...nice" He he...while staring at my boobs again. Wonder for a moment if hes talking about my house since i dont think his mind is on the house much. He tries to delay his exit. Makes more small talk about the day, how I am etc etc etc. Commends me too...says Im a very pretty lady. haha. Then, reluctantly, he exits and walks out to his bike. I was about to close the door, when he runs back. Wonder what he wants now. He says to me..if i wanna order dominos again, can call him straight. he offers to give me his handphone number which i politely accept. I ask him, ada discount tak next time?? He says Yes, Yes..for you sure lah :-)) there u go being men. He scribbles his number on a small paper and hands to me. All the while, keep on stealing looks at me. Cant blame him actually. There i am, a fair looking chinese girl, standing there in just a white semi see thru slip with turqoiuse bra and panties showing quite obviously under. He goes away...tho slowly. I close the door, close the auto gate..and laugh to myself :-)) what a nice time. Oh, im such a tease arent i? Thought i should do more, but time maybe. This is good enough for a nice laugh.

Sorry for yakking and for the long story...havent been writing some time, so bear with me. Promise next time will keep it shorter k? tata...

New Adventures

Hi all!
First off, apologies for being offline from this blog for so long..i actually misplaced my username n password..just got it back so will update new adventures here for sure.
I been exploring my exhibitionist hobby n really love the fact that i am blessed with a nice body, face n assets which enable me to flaunt!
I know...i know...some of u guys will think Im a cheap slut or something..but hey

1. I dont simply just go n f**k any man on the street
2. I am discerning in the choice of men whom i let into my life on a more intimate level
3. Like any other woman, Im only young just once right? Meaning...Flaunt it while you have it!

miss y'all...keep the support and nice words coming..

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